The Audiostation installation package is available at the following recources

  • Website package
  • Sourceforge package
  • Chocolatey package

You can choose one of these packages to download and install Audiostation.
Approximate package size: 160 MB

Setup Package Installation

This section will cover the installation process of the setup package installation. The setup package is used for the website package installation and the sourceforge package installation. After downloading one of these packages you will have one Zip file containing the files listed below.

Zip Package Contents

  • TXT File = ReadMe file for aditonal information (Readme.txt)
  • EXE File = The actual executable setup package file (Setup.exe)

Step by step installation guide

Double click the executable setup file named (setup.exe).

  1. Select the language to install

  2. Now the actual installation will start (click 'Next >' to continue)

  3. Select the location where you want the program to be installed

  4. Click the 'Install' button to start the installation

  5. Now the setup wizard will install Audiostation on your computer, this can take some time please be patient. All selected features will be installed.

  6. After the installation process has finished click the 'finish' button to close the installation program. You can then start the application from the icon placed on your Windows desktop.

Chocolatey Package Installation

Note: To be able to run Chocolatey packages you must install Chocolatey
After installing Chocolatey please run the following command choco install audiostation to install Audiostation, on your computer.

Installation Package Contents

The Audiostation installation package contains the following files:


  • Audio capture (2,77 MB)
  • Midi Soundfont (141 MB)
  • File Assosiaction Icon Files (12 KB)
  • Language Files (3 KB)
  • Midi, Wav and Mus Sample Files (5 MB)
  • Third Party Support Files 22,5 MB)
  • Application Dependencies (20,5 MB)
  • Main Application File (2,16 MB)
  • Application Updater Program (413 KB)

Total package size on disk: 195 MB
Total package size compressed: 160 MB