General Information

Audiostation has six audiorack sections that you can use to play your favorite music. On this page you will find information about all the six racks and I will tel you all the functions and purposes of every rack.

Rack 1: Button Section

The button section is the place where you can turn other sections on or off. You can also exit the application by pressing the 'Power' button or view the about dialog by pressing the '?' button. The green leds indicate all the sections that are active.

Rack 2: Midi Player Section

The Midi player section can be used to play midi and karaoka files. Click the 'Playlist' button to create or open a playlist and start playing midi files. Use the 'Settings' button to change the current settings or to change the midi output device.

Rack 3: MP3 Player Section

The MP3 player section is the most importand section of the whole audiostation application. The MP3 player section can be used for playing all kinds of media files, like MP3, Wav, OGG, etc. There is a list of all supported media files. Use the 'Playlist' button to create or open a playlist. We also support various playlist files like PLS, WMX, etc.

Rack 4: CD Player Section

The CD player can be used to play CD-Roms from your computer, this rack will only work if you have a working CD-Rom drive in your computer. Use the 'Eject CD' button to open your computers CD-Rom drive. After placing a CD-Rom and closing the CD-Rom drive the application will automaticly search for your CD-Rom and start playing the CD. Use the 'Random' button to go randomly trough the CD-Rom tracks. Use the 'Loop' button to loop trough one track of the CD.

Rack 5: Mixer Section

The sound mixer can be used to adjust some sound levels or to mute the sound. At the right side you can view the output audio level. At the left side you can adjust the sound balance.

Rack 6: Clock Section

The clock section is made for displaying the time and some application version information.