AudiostationThe old school media player

Audiostation is an old school media player that can be installed on Windows systems. The program can play all common audio files like (*.mp3, *.wav, etc). It has a record function and has all the elements to play all the music you want to play.

You can download Audiostation from this website or visit my Sourceforge page

Current Version

Windows 8, 10
Windows 7, Vista

System Requirements
Pentium 4 (1.6 Ghz)
1GB Memory

Old & Elegant Design

Audiostation is a typical old media player. Media players like audiostation where made for Windows 98 and changed the way of playing music on your computer. But now you can bring back those times with our Audiostation software. Just download and install and enjoy the old look and feel of Windows 98


In the audiostation software I build-in some animation features, like a turing tape player and a inserting floppy drive and realtime working VU level meters.

Everything in one rack

Audiostation has everything you need to play your favoriete music on your computer. The program is equipped with a MP3, MIDI and CD player and support all common audio files like *.mp3, *.wav, etc. And it's all build in one nice audio rack like player

Do you have ideas?

Let me know if you have spotted a bug or if you have an idear to improve the audiostation software. You can send me a message via my website or you can send me a e-mail.


It's Free, and always will be Frequently updated Supports all common media files

Some Screenshots

Application Initialization

The first time you run Audiostation, this is what you will see. It will only take 1/2 minutes.

MIDI Player

What would a old school media player be if you could not play MIDI files

MP3 Player

The program supports a wide range of audio files. MP3 is one of the most played files types.

Report Bugs

To report bugs please use the Mantis Bugtracker. You can click on the image shown left of this text. Make sure that the bug you want to report is not already added in our system. To report a bug you must signup for a account.

And remember: the more information we get the easier we can reproduce and fix it.

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Version 1.9 Build: 2019 (Current Version)
AddedAdded applications options menu
AddedAdded audio playback options menu
AddedAdded commondialog (file selection dialog) to the playlist dialog
AddedAdded total duration indication to the playlist dialog
AddedAdded option to switch from time remaining to time elapsed
AddedAdded option for adding directories to the playlist
ChangeChanged the way of adding files to the playlist
ChangeSave the playlist in multiple playlist formats
ChangeImproved midi player, no more division by zero errors
FixFixed issue with audiostation specific music file icons
AddedAdded application menu
AddedAdded latest version of VirtualMidiSync
AddedAdded check for update option
FixSome small minor bug fixes

Version 1.8 Build: 2018
AddedTurn off Audiostation sections
ChangeBetter midi playback functions and included Virtual MIDI Synth installation
AddedSections can be disabled
FixInstallation setup file is now smaller
FixMidi settings dialog issue solved
ChangeApplication icons are added to a dll file
FixFile association issue in Windows 10 fixed
Version 1.7 Build: 2017
AddedNew playlist dialog
AddedNew initialisation process
AddedCD-Rom animation
AddedSupports new file types: *.ra, *.rm, *.act, *.caf, *.w64,*.ogg, *.amo, *.voc
FixNo CD-Rom message error issue solved
ChangeImproved performance
AddedAdded search function to create playlist dialog
FixRecording device settings issue solved
Version 1.6 Build: 2016
AddedTrack repeat function
AddedRandom shuffle function
AddedWith originale Creative Labs sample files (reggae.mid, jaz.mid, etc)
AddedSupport for multiple platlists (.wpl, .pls, .m3u, etc)
ChangeNew folder structure in playlist creation dialog
AddedSupport for Commodore64 sound files (*.sid)
ChangeNew VU led indicators
AddedOption to search for tracks when creating a playlist
Version 1.5 Build: 2016
FixSave settings issue is resolved
AddedThe record function is fully functional
ChangeSettings are saved in the registry and not in a *.ini file
Version 1.4 Build: 2016
AddedSupport for the old Sibra-Soft Beep Symphony format
AddedSound record function
ChangeSome form layouts have been changed
AddedAbout dialog has been added to the program
AddedNew program icons have been made
AddedIntergration of the capture driver for recording speaker sound
AddedSupport added for (*.ra, *.cda) files

Getting Started

Read the documentation

Here you can download the current version of Audiostation with all it's functions and features. If you are a developer and you want to know more about how this application is made click on the I'm a developer button and you will be send to a page where everything will be explained.

SDK Comming Soon
I'm currently still working on the SDK webpage. Check this website frequently to see when the SDK page is online. The Audiostation SDK gives you all the tools and information you need to help me develop the audiostation program. You can even contribute your own code or functions and make the program just like you want it to be.

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Meet the developer

Alex van den Berg

Hi, i'm Alex the developer and creator of the audiostation program. Thanks for your interest in one of my projects. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact me.

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